5 Clubs That Cristiano Ronaldo Can Choose From

5 Clubs That Cristiano Ronaldo Can Choose From As He Asks To Leave Man United Finally Named

Cristiano Ronaldo has asked his agent Jorge Mendes to find him a new club this summer. This is according to Duncan Castles of The Times who is essentially a mouthpiece for Mendes.

However, for all his superstar status, Ronaldo may find it hard to find a new club and it’s not just about his age of 37.

A Russian football analyst Vadim Lukomsky wrote a big article analyzing which clubs could land the Portuguese.

He lays down three key conditions for Ronaldo’s next team:

  • It’s not a pressing machine like Man City or Liverpool.
  • It plays in the Champions League.
  • It can afford Ronaldo’s wages

Lukomskiy names only five teams that could fit the description.

1. Tottenham. Spurs don’t play a particularly intensive football and could thus be an option. However, they are likely to be more pressing-oriented after a full pre-season with Antonio Conte.

2. Bayer 04. The third team in Germany is a fantastic fit stylistically. They’re one of the most patient teams out there as they don’t use high press. However, do they have enough status and money to lure Ronaldo in? In addition, their main man Patrick Schick scored 6 more league goals than Ronaldo last season.

3. Real Madrid. Ronaldo’s former club is another great option. They are a low-pressing team which fits perfectly for Ronaldo. However, with Benzema in the best form of his life and a bunch of young talents like Vinicius and Rodrygo, Madrid simply don’t need Ronaldo.

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Where does Chelsea come into all this?

Lukomsky goes on to name two more teams that could fit Ronaldo. They do play intensive football but could accommodate Cristiano if he agrees to reduced game time.

4. Atletico Madrid. A controversial one considering Ronaldo’s previous association with Real Madrid. But Atleti need a proven finisher and Diego Simeone has shown he can integrate an ageing striker with lesser defensive contribution in Luis Suarez.

5. Chelsea. It’s the Blues that ‘excite the most’. A perfect replacement for flopped Romelu Lukaku, Ronaldo could really shine at the Bridge, Lukomsky writes.

Chelsea like to change the positions of players up front (something that fits Cristiano), need an expert finisher, and are capable of giving Ronaldo the money and the big club status he desires.

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