Alonso Chooses Between Frank Lampard And Tuchel Who Is a Better Manager For Chelsea Tactically

Marcos Alonso spoke about the difference in Chelsea’s game during Tuchel’s time, compared to when Frank Lampard was the boss.

“Since he arrived, the team took a leap tactically and when it came to defending. We are very happy with it.

“We were a very balanced team. In these close qualifiers, the little details make the difference. 

“We were a team in every way. We defended very well, we were an uncomfortable team to play with, we defended all eleven and the small details made the difference. 

“At this point in the Champions League everything is very even and it depends on very small details.”

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Alonso also opened up about the incident with Lampard when he stormed off after being subbed off at half-time against West Brom:

“I was not happy, of course, with how the game went and everything, but it was not any intention to do that (storm out).

“I spoke to my teammates straight afterward, if someone felt offended or something. But everyone was OK.

“The manager didn’t take it well but I explained everything that happened. He thought I left before the end of the game but I told him no.”