Azpilicueta Speaks Up On Chelsea’s Difficulties In The Past Few Weeks After Lille Win

“It has not been a normal last few weeks but we have to do what is in our hands, which is train the best we can. Tonight it was a difficult game and of course, we are happy to go through,” Cesar Azpilicueta told BT Sport after a 2-1 win over Lille.

“I just put a leg and it went with my knee! I am not very used to scoring goals.

“In the first half we didn’t start very well, we knew it would be difficult, sometimes we played in the spaces and made a few mistakes – the reaction was good, we scored before half-time. If you go 1-0 down into half-time the second half would be difficult.”

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“This group fights against everything, we know we have to do the best we can on the pitch, we stick together and hopefully end up having a very good season.

“Sometimes it may be easier to lose focus, but that is not us, we have to keep playing every three days difficult games.”

Azpi was one of the key players in the win as he scored the decisive goal in the second half.

Chelsea will be now waiting to find out their opponent in the Champions League quarter-final. The draw will take place this Friday, March 18.