Cristiano Ronaldo and Victor Osimhen

Breaking: Tuchel Told The Player To Sign Between Cristiano Ronaldo and Victor Osimhen For Chelsea

Thomas Tuchel and most Chelsea fans say the team don’t need a striker who will be the focus man. If Chelsea can sign Ronaldo, which of course will be the focus man, he’ll still score at least 20 premier goals and maybe 10 more goals in other competitions, and the rest of the goals will be scored by the other players. if we don’t like this, what options would be out there to like again? Cos there’re no better strikers available as of now.

Besides can’t Tuchel still sign Ronaldo and let him know that he won’t be the focus man, but rather he’ll want him to be a team player, can’t the coach do that?

Let’s use players like Oshimen and Nkuku as examples. If Chelsea should sign any of these players who will be team players and at the end of the season, all the goals scored are shared among the front three including the striker and other players, If Oshimen or Nkuku ends up scoring only 14 Premier league goals, the coach and the fans will still complain that they didn’t score enough goals, a typical example is what we’re seeing in Timo Werner.

I’m not saying that being a team player is not good, it’s absolutely good and it helps the team as a whole, but truth be told, most team players who play as strikers don’t score enough goals, they’d have to be selfish sometimes to reach a certain number of goals.

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Personally, I still think Tuchel and most Chelsea fans don’t know what they need in a striker, because if a player comes and scores below 17 goals, the fans will still complain, yet still the coach is rejecting a target man who can score at least 25+ goals per-season.

It would be better for the coach to sign a good striker before the league starts, cos there’s no way we can compete with Werner, Harvetz, or even Sterling as our strikers.

Please no one should come and comment that we won the champions league without a striker, if we won the CL without a striker, we could have equally won all those finals we played in under Tuchel and possibly should have won the premier league as well.

What do you think of this opinion as a Chelsea fan? Who would you choose between Cristiano Ronaldo and Victor Osimhen?

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