10 Authentic ways to Grow your business in Nigeria

I will be teaching you top strategies to grow your business in Nigeria.

Growing your business in Nigeria have a lot of advantages in the sense that you get a lot of benefits and future opportunities from it.
If you notice top brands in Nigeria like jumia, konga, dangote and many more. They all started from somewhere before they reach where they are today.
They all followed the normal procedure which I will be revealing in this article.
Although it depends on the niche of the business you are into but notwithstanding you will learn one or two things from this article..

How to make my business popular in Nigeria.

1)Brand Awareness.

Firstly you should ask yourself that how many persons have heard of my business?. You can be making great sales but how many persons knows about your brand, have your brand reached the six Geo political zone in Nigeria.

Your main goal should be making your brand known to people in Nigeria and all over the world. The advantages here is that when your brand is popular, other businesses comes to partner with your business, investors comes to buy shares from your business, you get a lot of contracts and business deals. As you read on, you would see how you can improve your brand Awareness.

2) Build a strong relationship with customers.

Building a strong relationship with your customers makes them attached to your business such that they won’t patronize any other businesses rather than yours.
They take your business as something very special to them, they also recommend your business to thier families and friends.

So you need to build a strong relationship by responding to your customers nicely, make them feel honored and respected, also always satisfy your customers.

When it’s time for seasonal celebrations, send them warmful greetings, this make them feel loved thus building a strong relationship with them.

3) Offer the best customer services.

This applies mainly to those who offer services to clients, companies e.tc. Make sure you are giving the best of your services, don’t just render a services because of your selfish interests, always make sure that you are doing the best, this will make your clients pleased and make them want to to hire you for another project.

Also if your business deals with the selling of goods, always make sure they you are selling very quality goods to your customers. Pleasing your customers should be your priority, because they are the ones that can promote and make your business grow.

4) Make use of social media platforms.

Social media platforms have proven to be a very powerful tool to grow and promote your business online. Through social media you can find out what people are saying about your business, this help you to know how well you can improve business.

You can also make use of social media influencers to promote your business thus reaching a huge amount of audience. For example you can contact brand influencers with a lot of followers on social media to help you hype and tell people about your business.

5) Get a professional website and application.

This is one of the first things to do when you are starting up your business. This makes it easy for customers to reach you and explore your business. Your website have enough information to tell customers about your business.

If you see goods, you could set up an ecommerce website like jumia where people can easily explore to purchase any goods of their choice. If you offer services, people can easily check your portfolio website to see services you render, customers reviews e.tc.

If you sell goods, you could hire a mobile developer to develop an app for you or convert your website to an app because people tends to use applications more than the web.

After building your application, you could advertise it via Google ads for it to get more downloads thereby getting more customers who are interested in your business. For example jumia application on playstore have over 1million downloads, just imagining 1 million customers exploring your goods on your ecommerce application, this will yield a huge increase in your sales.

6) Giving discounts and promos.

This is another business strategy which have helped to improve sales, for example you bought goods of 500,000 in wholesales price and you want to talk it for 1million, your profit being 500,000. It may take time for you to sell the all the goods.

But if you are giving a discount on your goods making your profit 250,000 from 500,000, you will get an increase in sales thereby selling all your goods fast and bringing more customers to your business. With this you can order a new set of goods and sell again, this making your business grow rapidly.

If you business deal with offering of services, you could be giving a 20% discount on all your services, this would attract more clients to order your services.
This are the tricks most popular business uses, and that’s the reason they keep growing and expanding daily.

7) Advertisement.

This is a very popular tactic of growing your business in Nigeria. Running advertisement via Google ads, Facebook and Instagram ads, WhatsApp Tv ads. All these have proved to work out well if you do it right. Some people do claim that business advertisement doesn’t work out well for them, the truth is that it works well if you do it the right way.

Your advertisement must be attractive and well convincing before it can yield clicks. Anytime you wanna do an advertisement, make sure it’s the time you are giving a discount or doing promos, this will make the advert yield more customers because those viewing it will be attracted to the offers.

For example someone who buys a good for 5,000 naira and he or she sees the same goods being sold for 3500 naira, where do you think the person would buy from?. The person would surely buy from the one being sold for 3500 naira as far as it’s of the same quality.
So before making any advertisement, make sure you plan it very well.

8) Referral programs.

This also works if your company is grown to a certain level. You could organize Referral contests, rewarding the winners with huge gifts, this can be via your WhatsApp or your social media platforms.
You could also organize Referral programs rewarding anyone who brings a customer to patronize you.

9) Request for Customers reviews.

This is very important because it help you know how customers feel about your business and how you can improve your business. Customers good reviews too can convince other doubting clients to patronize you. That’s why you need to have a website where customers can write thier reviews and feedbacks.

10) Weekly Mails.

Before delivering a good or services to a customer, you can tell them to subscribe to your mailing list so they can be alerted of your future offers. This helps to grow your business because it helps you reach out to your customers by sending them weekly mails of different offers.


I hope the strategy above helps you to grow your business in Nigeria. I wish you goodluck and success in your business

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