How to Compete and beat top websites in Nigeria.

I will show you how you can compete and beat top website in Nigeria.

We all know that top websites in Nigeria gets a lot of traffic and make a lot of cash from thier website but they didn’t just get their website to that level in just one night, they worked on thier website and it took time for them to reach that level.

So in this post, I will highlight and explain some strategies you can use to get to that level. I will also teach you how you can dominate your niche within a short time.

Can i beat top websites in Nigeria.
The answer is Yes but with time and good strategies.

How to Compete and beat top websites in Nigeria.

1) A Good domain name.

Before you plan on setting up any website, what you should consider first is a good domain name. You should a use a short name that can be easily remembered by people, also the name must correspond with your niche.

For example, you want to create a music blog, the domain name should be something corresponding or relating to music e.g.

It’s better making decision of choosing the best domain name so you won’t have issues changing it in the future. For example a website like were formerly, they had to change it for certain reasons.

Also when choosing domain name you should a good suffix e.g. .com, .ng, .org depending on the type of website you are setting up. For example later switched to for certain reasons probably because of local SEO ranking.

Make sure you plan and do research when you are choosing a domain name.

2) A less competitive niche.

Your website is new because you are just starting, so it’s very impossible to beat top websites in Nigeria. Getting traffic will be quite difficult especially if it’s a media and entertainment niche unless you have other reliable source of traffic but forget organic traffic.

You should start with a less competitive niche so you can appear well on Google thereby building your domain authority so google can recognize your website well.

Although some persons blog for passion and they chose to write about what they have passion for, if you are in this category, you should focus on getting traffic from other sources like social media platforms With time as your domain grows, you can start getting traffic from Google and bing search results.

If you are going for a media and entertainment niche, you should also focus on social media platforms traffic because it will be very hard for you to rank on Google so fast unless you re practicing any SEO tricks.
Look for niche that people doesn’t write much about, then try write quality contents to dominate that particular niche, then build your domain authority to a certain point before you plan moving to other competitive niches.

3) Quality contents

A popular most of us know “Content is King”. For your blog to grow, you need to write quality contents that satisfy the audience. If your website is a news site, you need to always confirm the legitimacy of any news before publishing on your website.

So you need to focus on writing SEO optimized quality contents on your blog.

If you are doing this, some other website will give you a backlink to their site thereby improving your site Off page Search engine optimization. You don’t need to start writing or sending mails to other website requesting for backlinks, the give you automatically. As you read on you would see how to optimize your contents for SEO.

Even if you have other website in your category competing with you, with a quality and well SEO optimized post, you could rank above them.
Also make sure your contents doesn’t have typographical errors as this may affect your website ranking.

4) SEO

The full meaning of SEO is search engine optimization. It tells search engines how well your website or contents is optimized. SEO is very powerful only if you know how to use it. Using SEO, you can easily rank above other website competing with you.

SEO is categorized into different part but I would give a summary below

-On-page SEO- this tells how your website contents are well, optimized for search results, e.g Search intents, website speed, internal linking, paragraphs etc.. you can visit website like backlinko, Neil Patel to learn more about SEO.

-Off-page SEO- this deals with your website external linking, how many website are linking to yours ,this tells search engines about your website linking profile.
If your website is linked to websites with high authority you enjoy link juice from the website thereby improving your domain strength.

According to Google algorithm, a website with high domain authority tends to rank higher on Google search results. You can use metrics from ahrefs to check your domain rating, url rating, Alexa rank. You can use metrics of moz to check your domain authority, page authority. You can also use metrics of majestic to check your website trust and citation flows.

NOTE: The above metrics aren’t Google ranking metrics, they only help in telling how best your website will perform on search engine result pages.
They are still other branches of SEO, you can check to learn more.

5) Link building.

Link building is a very important aspect of SEO that helps your ranking on Google search pages. But if you are just starting your website, you should focus more on writing quality contents before proceeding to link building.

Your website linking profile is among the important factors that determine your ranking on Google. If you check the link profiles of top website in Nigeria, you would discover that they all have good link profiles.

If you are rushing building your linking profile, you might do it in the wrong way, thereby Google penalizing your website. Some years ago, different SEO experts came up with different black hat SEO tricks to manipulate search engine results.

It worked then not until Google started updating their algorithm to stop the tricks from working that’s why you noticed that Google update it’s algorithm from time to time. As some would say, you can’t outsmart Google, so it’s better you do it in the safest way.

Look for website with good linking profiles in your niche, request for a backlink to your website. This seems to be a very difficult task but it worth it. You could also get backlinks to your website by doing guest posting on other website and forums.

6) Beautiful website design

You website needs to be have a beautiful layouts and design, your audience should be able to navigate through your website easily.
If your website is running on WordPress, you could try out some blogging WordPress templates e.g newspaper theme.

If your website is running on blogger, you should use the best blogging template e g sora templates.
All these templates give your website a beautiful Design.
If you have the money, you can hire a web developer to build a website of your choice.

7) Fast loading website.

A fast loading website is among Google algorithm for ranking. Fast loaded pages tends to rank above pages to load slowly. So it’s advisable to optimize your website to load very fast. If you are using WordPress, I personally recommend a plugin Wp rocket, I use it for website and it helps, it’s a paid plugin though, if you can’t afford it you can go for W3 total cache(It has both free and paid version).

A good Content delivery network (CDN) also makes your website load very fast, most requires monthly subscription, but a free one is cloud flare CDN, it’s a CDN most websites are using, just sign up and connect your website to it.
You should also set up amp for your website. You can do this manually or through a WordPress plugin. It’s easy to set up.

8)Social media profiles.

If you are just starting a website, this is what you should create a profile on all social media platforms then you try grow it to get more audiences because this will also be a very good of source traffic to your website.


The guides above would help you to compete with top websites in Nigeria. I am not hiding any special tricks because there isn’t anyone. The only way is to follow the steps above, with time and hardwork, you would start competing and beating top websites in Nigeria.

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