Working methods to Drive Massive Traffic to your Entertainment Blog

Most entertainment bloggers do have problem getting organic traffic to their website due to the competitive entertainment niche, because some entertainment blog have been existing for long time and they tend to rank higher on Google search results.

I will be teaching you how to drive massive traffics to your blog. Some bloggers after been told of how competitive niche is, some still go on and create an entertainment blog because of their love and passion for it.
I was opportune to chat with some successful entertainment bloggers in Nigeria and they shared some of their little secrets of getting massive traffics to their blog so i compiled everything plus my knowledge.

If you are a blogger in this category and you are reading this article. I will want you to read every words line to line so you won’t miss anything. This article is also useful for other bloggers, you might learn one of two things from this post.

I will be highlighting some steps below.


Some bloggers just go on to post any contents on their blog without caring about the quality or legitimacy of the contents. As a blogger before you post any contents on your blog, you have to think like a reader, what do your readers want?, what are they lingering for? ,is your entertainment blog really entertaining your audience?, Keep asking yourself this questions, this will help you know the right contents on your blog.

Some bloggers especially those who post music and movies go on to copy contents from other top entertainment blogs. Do you really think this will work?. It can’t work if you are sourcing for organic traffic because those websites you are copying from tends to rank higher on Google search results and you can also be sued for copyright infringement.

Some of you even go to the extent of using article rewriter tool to rephrase and restructure the copied contents. This won’t help your ranking at all. So it is better you do research on how those websites get their quality contents, then you follow their steps so you too can post your own original contents.
You also need to look for trending contents not old Contents because your audience are looking for the latest, so it’s better you source for the latest stuffs.


This is one of the secret of some bloggers. I would call it ” Using a stone to catch two birds”, you might be asking how, the answer is that anytime you post the summary of your contents with a link linking to your website on forums you get traffic and automatically gets a backlink to your site which is an advantage to your website ranking.

Now it’s not about just posting because if you are just posting anyhow, your contents and links will be regarded as Spams and the forum can suspend your account for spamming, it you are not careful, your website can also be penalized by Google if you are detected.

The best way to do this is to look for post relating to your contents then reply with your summary of your contents with your link . Some forum also allow you to post your own contents but don’t post to often. You can make once a week and always try posting something that looks catchy and enticing such that when people sees it they will be forced to clicking on your link.

Another way is looking for blogs with the same niche as yours, exchanging links with them. Some might not answer you because they will be thinking your blog is lower to theirs but if you are good at approach and convincing someone, you can easily plead and convince them. This might look stressful but it worth it.
You can also use blog commenting to get traffic to your blogs even though not all blogs allow you to post links in comment box. You can just look for blogs having post relating to yours which allows links on the comment box.


This is another trick some bloggers use to generate massive traffics to their blog. Facebook have a very large audience and this is a very good source for traffic. You need to open a Facebook group and give it a catchy and enticing name and image so as to get people to join the group. You can also try to promoting your facebook group by posting funny contents and doing promotions. Some Facebook groups with large audience also allow you to post your blog post because not all Facebook group admins can allow you to post your blog links in their group.


This is the easiest way to get traffic to your blog. You need to join a lot of WhatsApp groups, then anytime you publish a post you can always share the link in all the groups. Although not all WhatsApp group admins allow links in their group but you can always post on the one that allows.
Whatsapp TV have always served as a good source too.

On of the bloggers I had discussion with told me that most of his blog traffic comes from his WhatsApp TV. He said he spent up to 50,000 naira growing his WhatsApp TV till he was able to build an average views of 8,000 in an hour. I was amazed. He said he is making money from both his WhatsApp TV and his blog. So you can do as well to open a TV not minding the amount you spend growing it.


Growing a telegram channel and groups isn’t an easy something but with hardwork and dedication, you will be successful. There are some channels promotion bots that help grow a channel. You just need to follow the steps and rules required by the bots. You can also beg or pay to admins of bigger channels to promote your channel or groups.


One of the bloggers I discussed with told me about this. He have an entertainment website where he post jokes and stories. He said he do place adverts on Facebook, redirecting audience to his blog in which they have to sign up with their mail before they have access to his jokes.

According to him he said he have over 25,000 mails on his mail list and he sends them weekly updates of his blog posts. I was amazed when he showed me his traffic statistics. He said what he did was just too make sure the jokes he used as advert was very catchy and funny thereby enticing the audience to read more jokes by clicking the ads.
So you too can try this method.


Most bloggers goes into blogging just to make money. Making money from your blog isn’t bad but that doesn’t mean you should spam your website with different kind of ads. One or two ads network is okay for your blog and make sure the ads codes are placed at a proper place so it won’t serve as discomfort to your audience. And too much of ads tends to slow down your website.


No reader will be happy waiting for a website to load before he or she is able to access the contents. So you must ensure your website loads very fast.


You can follow the above steps and I am sure it will yield the best results. Although I still have some special little secrets I kept to myself which works for me. If you are being enthusiastic, you can message me via the contact page to learn more from me.

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