VIDEO: Roy Keane Ripping Young Cristiano Ronaldo Apart For Not Tracking Back In Training Goes Viral

Roy Keane is known for being one of the toughest footballers in the Premier League.

The Manchester United legend has never shied away from speaking his mind, as is evident from his latest punditry appearances.

An old video has emerged showing how even Cristiano Ronaldo could not escape his wrath. In the footage from their time together at United back in the day, Keane is heard yelling at the Portuguese superstar for not tracking back enough.

Recently, Keane was asked if Ronaldo, 37, will leave United this summer.

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He replied: “I can’t imagine Ronaldo not being at Man United next year unless something drastic changes in the summer.

“If you look at the goals he’s got, he’s a threat and any manager would want to work with him. Simple as that.”

Looks like, despite the tough exterior, Keane rates Ronaldo very, very highly.

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