The Complete Guide towards starting a Business in Nigeria [2022]

I will be highlighting the main steps on how to set up a profitable business in Nigeria.
Money is a great necessity, everyone needs money and for you to get money, you have to work for it either by being employed in an government organization or private company or you set up your own business.

Some people just set up a business without following the normal process, looking at certain conditions, by the end of the day they start regretting.
Business isn’t something one can just start in one night, you need to do at least one or two weeks researches and proper planning.
In this post, I will be showing you the proper guidelines you need to follow before starting your business.

How to start and set up a profitable business in Nigeria.

1) Passion and Dedication.

Anything you have passion for and dedicated to, you will always be successful in it.
You can’t just start a business you don’t like or have passion for, you needs to do a business that will make you happy as you venture in it because that encourage you to put in your best.

It’s a great factor to consider before setting up a business. Although it depends on the kind of business industry you want to start, you might want to to venture in a more profitable business industry.
You will need to build passion and dedication for it.

2) Business ideas.

There are different kinds of business out there in which some are more profitable than the others, some are competitive than the others.
You need to study and think of the best business that will favor you.
Study the economy, compare the rates of demand to supply, with this you can be able to find the best profitable business .

3) Business plan

A very important adage most of us know is “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”.
Before starting any business you need to lay out your plans, build strategies, predict the possible outcomes if it’s going to be negative or positive.
With this you won’t have any issues while you run your business.

4) Professional Research.

Before starting any business, you need to make proper findings about the business, do thorough research about the business.
You could go visit people who are already in the business, ask for their experiences, with this, you would be able to have full knowledge about the business you want to venture into.

You could even hire some Professionals, seek their advices and counselling, this will tell you if you are on the right track or not.

5) Proper Funding.

Before starting a business, you need proper funding, having more than enough funds is very important to start a business.
The type of business determines the amount you are going to spend.
You could go to banks to take loan so as to find your business or you look for sponsors who can support your business.

6)Good location.

Business location is a very important factor when starting a business.
If you go open a company in a location where they are different companies like yours, there will be very high competition.

Your company might be the one to suffer it because you are just new to the location, you needs to do some important things to get Customers for your business.

Another reason why location may affect business is that for example you want to run a cyber cafe business, and you notice that the service provider network are very bad in the current location, you might need to change to another location that have a good network service.

So a good location plays an important role in any business that wants to be successful.

7) Best and Intelligent team.

An adage we all know ‘ Two heads are better than one’, to make your business profitable and successful you need a good and Intelligent team.

They share their different ideas with you and support you in any aspect that you seem not to be good with.

If you want to run a large business, you will needs to do proper screenings to employ intelligent and qualified employees that will help your business to be successful.
Even if your business is a one man business, you need someone whom you can sit with to discuss how your business can be successful.

8) Business registration

To make your business fully legitimate and corporate, you have to register your business in Nigeria.
Registering your business have a lot of benefits, Customers trust you and feel safe doing any transactions with you, you will be eligible to take bank loans to fund your business and so many more.

9) Promotions

To get customers for your business, you need to promote your business on different platforms with large audience.
You need to let people know about your new business so you can make great sales.

10)Build a good relationship with Customers.

A new business have a risk of loosing customers. For example if you must have run a promotion giving discounts on any of your goods and services, customers who rushes to purchase the goods because it’s being discounted might not patronize your business again.

They must have gotten what they needed, you need to treat them well and build a very good relationship with them so that they have interest with your business.
Doing this, they tends to keep patronizing you.


I hope this steps above helps you set up a successful business in Nigeria.
If you have any questions, kindly drop them on the comment box.

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