Tuchel Reveals The Reasons For Arsenal Defeat At Stamford Bridge As Christensen Assisted Nketiah

Thomas Tuchel blasted his team’s defense after the 2-4 loss to Arsenal tonight.

He said: “We scored five goals and lost 4-2. That’s easy. Three own goals, two regular goals for us, and one for Arsenal. That makes it 4-2.

“I don’t know if it’s a defensive lack of conviction. If we have ball possession and invite these kind of mistakes, the opponent will score.

“It’s impossible to win matches like this if you make mistakes like this. I don’t see it in any other matches but I see it in consecutive matches.”

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While Thomas Tuchel admitted his team’s defensive mistakes and lack of individual quality in the defeat against Arsenal, he had one more thing to add.

“It is a very difficult pitch we have here [at Stamford Bridge]. It’s not to our favor. The ball bounces very awkwardly in front of Andreas… We had the same mistake against Real Madrid.”

Tuchel was referring to the mistake made by Christensen which led to Arsenal’s first goal.

Between, Chelsea have now conceded 10 goals in their last three home games. Whatever the issue with the defence is, the coach needs to sort it out fast.